The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – The Proof’s In The Pudding

As a disabled veteran, I am always looking for ways to make extra money because I don’t get enough from the VA to live on.  And if you don’t or can’t work outside of your home, I know you’ve asked yourself, “Can I make money from home?” or if you are a veteran or disabled veteran, is there any “legit work from home jobs for veterans” on the internet?  If so, I know you’ve heard or read about all the “making money online scams” or “Affiliate Marketing scams” on the internet. It seems there are so many scams out there trying to take your hard-earned money that you can’t trust anyone.

Affiliate marketing for veterans I thought to myself, so I went out and bought every training program on Affiliate Marketing I could afford. I think I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying almost every course on Affiliate Marketing and how to build websites. And I’ve been scammed many times over the past 6 years. Because of this, I’ve lost over $18,000.00 buying this product or that program promising to make me 6 figures each year. But later I found out that each one of these products/programs were worthless and either didn’t work or that I was scammed. And when I asked for a refund, these scammers weren’t anywhere to be found.

Emails From Wealthy Affiliate

In the past, I’ve received several emails from affiliate marketers wanting me to check out Wealthy Affiliate. But I always seemed too busy running after every get rich scheme there was on the internet so I didn’t’t check out Wealthy Affiliate. After losing so much money on these “make money online working from home” scams I got tired and burnt out. So, I decide to leave the internet and rest for a while. 

But the fire for Affiliate Marketing kept raging inside me again and I guess this is what I was meant to do with my life and future. So, after receiving another email about Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to check it out. Wealthy Affiliate advertised as having the most advanced platforms that you could join that provides you with everything you need to become a successful Affiliate Marketer and earn money working online. The owners of this system claim it is an all-inclusive system that provides everything a member needs to succeed online. So I decided to check out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and decide for myself what WA had to offer its members and see if it’s scam or not. 

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

  • Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Membership Programs: Starter and Premium
  • Membership costs: Starter – $0; Premium – $49.00 per month, $359.00 yearly
  • Overall ranking: 98 out of 100
  • Training: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Website address:
  • 4.6 out of 5.0

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the largest affiliate marketing program in the world. It is an all-inclusive platform where a member can access 1000s of training modules on affiliate marketing and it helps a person earn money working online. This program helps its members build website(s) and helps maintains them. Wealthy Affiliate does require a membership and it has over a million members worldwide. These members create and manage their own Affiliate Marketing websites and businesses and they offer assistance to other members through their worldwide “community.” This WA “community” by its members, helps their experience and knowledge to assist other members become successful Affiliate Marketers and have successful Affiliate Marketing businesses. One of the owners, Kyle, calls it, “passing it forwards.”

Training Within Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is all about training and it has one of the best, if not the best, training available online. The training modules consist of two different types of programs: 1) Online Entrepreneur Certification and 2) Affiliate Bootcamp. These two training modules include live and video training and both of them help the members at Wealthy Affiliate build their websites through the WordPress platform. It shows them how to set up their websites and teaches them how to write articles with quality content that will rank with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, plus a lot more.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification includes 5 phases which are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Making Money,
  4. Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

The Affiliate Bootcamp includes 7 phases which are:

  1. Getting Your Business Rolling
  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversions
  3. Giving Your Site Social Value
  4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media.
  5. Knowing Your Audience and Catapulting Your Referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo, and The Power of PPC
  7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

In addition, members of Wealthy Affiliate have their own dashboard where that can set up their own profile and bio. From their dashboard they can access their training, build their websites, and check out live training events or watch prerecorded webinars happening within Wealthy Affiliate. The dashboard also allows a member to do research on keyword(s) that he or she choses, speak live to other members, and they have a Help Center for asking questions and getting help on a particular topic or problem.

Wealthy Affiliate claims to have one of the most sophisticated website platforms available today. Its Website Builder allows you to build your website within 30 seconds. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best keyword research tools available called Jaaxy. Jaaxy provides its user with important details concerning his or her keyword(s). It includes the number of searches each month that a person does for specific keyword(s), average traffic each month to websites for the specific keyword(s), QSR (Quoted Search Results which is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword(s)), KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator), SEO, and Domains (available domains that are related to the keyword(s)).

Memberships in Wealthy Affiliate

There are two different memberships within Wealthy Affiliate. Each membership has different levels and benefits which a member can access when he/she signs up for Wealthy Affiliate. The first, Starter Membership, is free and it has no fees, whatsoever, and it has many benefits that will help the member on his/her way to succeed with Affiliate Marketing. The second, Premium membership, has a paid membership and has a lot more to offer serious people who what to excel and become full-time Affiliate Marketers.

Pros of Starter Membership

The Starter Membership includes:

  • 2 Websites
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Beginner Training Course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 1 only
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools – 30 searches only
  • Video Walk Throughs
  • Affiliate Program
  • 1 – on – 1 Coaching – For the first 7 days only
  • 2 free domains – Through Site Rubix only
  • Website Hosting and Backup
  • Website Security (Just Added for Starter Membership!)

Pros of Premium Membership

The Premium Membership has a monthly fee of $49.00 per month, or $359.00 per year. The premium membership has the most benefits and includes:

  • 50 Websites (25 per Domain you purchase at $13.99 per year; 25 per Domain on Site Rubix)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training – Full Access (5 Phases)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Full Access (7 Phases)
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tools – Unlimited Searches
  • Private Access To Webinars
  • Affiliate Program – 2x the Higher Payout
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Earn While Your Learn
  • 1 – on – 1 Unlimited Coaching
  • Unlimited Private Messaging
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) claims to be the best affiliate marketing platform available in the world. WA also claims to have the best training available on the internet to help people become successful affiliate marketers. It supposedly has the best program for both beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers. When becoming a member of WA, people can learn many principles and techniques of affiliate marketing.

Members will learn principles and theory of affiliate marketing. Through Wealthy Affiliate’s training, members learn a variety of different elements concerning affiliate marketing. They will learn how to build websites correctly with Website Builder, learn how to write content with the SiteContent Writing Platform, learn how to research keywords using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, learn how to monetize their websites, and many more aspects of affiliate marketing. Even if a person is a seasoned affiliate marketer, he or she doesn’t know everything about affiliate marketing and he/she will learn more and build a more solid foundation by following WAs video training courses. But regardless if you are a beginner or seasoned marketer, being a Wealthy Affiliate member will allow you to learn about Affiliate Marketing, build up to 50 websites, host websites, become an affiliate with WA and promote WA memberships, and so much more.


  • Some people that are Starter members complain that having only 7 days for 1 – on – 1 coaching and Live Chat is not enough time.
  • Some people have canceled there membership saying it didn’t help them make any money.
  • Some people feel that as a member, members are supposed to keep commenting on other member’s blog posts to be able to rank with WA.

My Recommendations, Is It A Scam or Not?

As I said before, I have been scammed many, many times from heartless affiliate marketers. Most of them don’t have a clue if the product or program they are selling actually works. They aren’t interested in helping people solve their problems. Many of these marketers just want to prey on people who may be desperate enough to buy any product they can to earn money online for the purposes of paying bills, or providing a better living for their family.

To be completely honest with you and this is what this review is all about; honesty. I have been a member of WA on two different occasions. Over two years ago, I became a starter member with WA under a former email address, but I never got into any of its training or checked it out. I was too busy chasing different product/program that I thought could make me a successful affiliate marketer overnight. I didn’t even look at what WA had to offer me or what it had to offer any other member.

In December 2018, I received an email from another affiliate of WA, and I thought to myself, “what the heck,” it couldn’t hurt to check it out because I didn’t have anything to lose. I looked around the website of WA and what I found was truly amazing. I had spent and lost over $18,000.00 on dozens of training courses and products/programs that didn’t work. But WA had what I had been looking for all along. It has 1000s of training courses available to its members, it shows you the right way and wrong way to chose affiliate products to promote, and you can even become an affiliate for WA. I spent a lot of wasted time looking and buying useless products and programs when WA had it all.

Wealthy Affiliate is completely different from any other Affiliate programs that I have found on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training and affiliate marketing program that is available in the world. All the evidence points to it being the best affiliate program on the internet because it has over 1 million active members worldwide.

Many multi-million dollar company owners are silent and don’t want to get their hands dirty in its day-to-day operations, but owners Kyle and Carson are always available to lend a helping hand when a member has a problem. Believe me when I say this, Kyle has helped me on several occasions when I’ve had problems. Owner Kyle believes in complete honesty and he is always striving to make Wealthy Affiliates better. In addition, a member can contact them with a specific question or problem and they will personally communicate with the member. Can you find that in any other company the size of Wealthy Affiliate?

WA offers the best training available in affiliate marketing. It teaches a member how to chose a specific niche, buying and registering domains, and provides the member with the training on the website builder so a member can build up to 50 websites (2 if you are a starter member). It provides hosting for your websites, security for your websites, and provide excellent support. The owners are honest and care about the success of its members.

In addition, hosting your website is included with your membership at Wealthy Affiliate. In most cases, hosting companies, who offer similar services as WA, charge around $250 month per website. As a premium member at WA, a member can host up to 50 websites which is included in the $49.00 month membership fees. This alone is worth the premium membership.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Where can you get all the services and benefits Wealthy Affiliate provides for a small $49.00 monthly or $359.00 yearly. Yes, we get a few complaints here at Wealthy Affiliate. Members who want to cancel their memberships because they haven’t made anything or have been successful. But I have found out that they have only been with the program a few months. When this happens, I tell them that it takes a lot of hard work and effort as well as time. I tell them it will take between 6 months to a year to really start seeing a difference.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. It doesn’t cost a penny to enroll as a starter member with Wealthy Affiliate. And there’s no high pressure sales tactics for you to upgrade by anyone. Take your time and enjoy it, but I bet you will upgrade to Premium once you see all the great benefits Premium members get. It didn’t take more than an hour for me to upgrade to Premium after I looked around and saw what Premium membership had to offer, You can’t go wrong with being a member of Wealthy Affiliate because “The Proof Is In The Pudding!

=====> Click Here To Check It Out! You won’t regret it!!

About Danny

Hey, and welcome to my website, “An Affiliate’s Dream.” For the past several years, Affiliate Marketing has always fascinated me. I guess mainly because I could be my own boss and I would only have to answer to myself if I made a mistake. In addition, I could work in the comfort of my own home and make great money doing it.


My Story

As a boy growing up on a farm in the deep South, I saw myself wanting more in life. My dad was career Army and my mom was a stay-at-home mom. Although he was career Army, he stayed at Ft. Rucker, Alabama, 18 of his 23 years and we only moved once when he got orders to Ft. Bliss, Texas. My mom and dad were both from Enterprise, Alabama, so this was home to us.

Growing up, I hated Enterprise and I desperately wanted to leave. After graduating from high school, I went off to college and when I graduated, I landed a job with a Defense Contractor located at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. After 3 1/2 years, I grew tired and joined the U.S. Army. It wasn’t because my dad made a career of it, even though he was extremely proud of me. I wanted to travel and see the world at the government’s expense and be paid for it at the same time.

Army Days

After joining the Army, I went to basic training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). I decided to sign up for Jump School. So after I graduated from AIT, I headed off to Ft. Benning, Georgia, for Jump School. After Jump School and being brainwashed for 8 – 10 weeks, I decided to go to Ranger School.

I had been in the Army for almost 7 years when my unit got called up to

Army Ranger

deploy for Desert Storm. On my last parachute jump, I was severely injured and late had to go through 14 different surgeries as a result. After receiving a medical discharge, things were terrible. The Army basically turned their back on me and the Department of Veterans Affairs was slow to give me my disability compensation.

It took a long time for the Department of the Army and the Department of Veterans Affairs to get my paperwork right and as a result, I lost everything. With no income coming in and not being able to work, bankruptcy was the only option.  This made me feel less than a man.  I couldn’t feed my family nor pay my bills.  Although I am proud I served my country, they turned their back on me.  And sometimes I still feel this way.

I finally started receiving my compensation each month, but as many veterans know, it’s not enough to keep a roof over your head plus cover all of your living and household expenses.

I started reading everything about internet marketing and I took every video training course on internet marketing and affiliate marketing I could.  Soon I had a good grasp on both concepts and I began saving what money I could to purchase a laptop and a few other things for my business.  I already had cable TV going to my house, so I called up the cable company and discussed with them the different internet packages they offered.

The Purpose of “An Affiliate’s Dream”

My website, “An Affiliate’s Dream,” I hope, will help veterans, disabled veterans (like myself), soldiers, their spouses as well as others, to earn a great income for themselves and their families through Affiliate Marketing. It will also help him/her start their own business with very little upfront costs so they won’t be dependent on the government for handouts. Veterans have served their country well and they should hold their heads up high because many are not looking for a handout.

Affiliate Marketing

But if a veteran, whether disabled or not, doesn’t have a job, how can he/she put a roof over his/her family’s head, put food on the table, or clothe his/her children.  Many veterans, as well as disabled veterans, are released from active duty without a job to go to and many times are dependent on his or her family for support.  The governments mandated unemployment compensation only last for so long.

Affiliate Marketing Can Make Dreams Come True

How would you like to have your very own money making website(s) and be your own boss?  With only a computer and an internet connection, and very little money upfront as well as a lot of time and energy, veterans, disabled veterans, and military spouses can achieve their goals and become financially independent for themselves and their families. But as with anything that you want to succeed in, it takes time and a lot of hard work because it doesn’t happen overnight.  I am tired of seeing veterans and disabled veterans scraping by and some go homeless because they have no income coming in.

If I can be any help to you who are reading this about me and my mission to help fellow veterans and disabled veterans succeed with their own business, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.  Thank you.